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Rebecca Richards for Tamworth Reflexology treatments
Reflexology treatment
Reflexology - is a holistic therapy which dates back over 2000 years and evidence of this is shown in Egypt, China and India.

It is based on the theory that the whole body can be ‘mapped out’ on the feet and hands, by massaging and gently manipulating these different areas, corresponding organs and structures of the body can benefit.

The treatment can promote the body’s own natural healing process enabling the body to calm areas that are overactive and stimulate areas that have become under active.

Tamworth Reflexologist Rebecca Richards offers Reflexology treatments at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Victoria Rd, Tamworth, Staffordshire.  Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield visitors from Birmingham are invited to attend for reflexology from our female practitioner.

Rebecca combines Reflexology and Acupuncture treatments at the Tamworth Complementary Clinic and treats in a totally holistic manner.
Reflexology relaxes you, relieves stress, revitalises energy and helps to prevent illness.  It is a therapy that can benefit the young, old, frail and injured.  It offers a safe natural way to bring the body into a balanced and harmonised state.

Reflexology and Reflexology treatment is safe for pregnant women
and can help with relaxation and relieve tired aching feet.  Pregnancy is a time where additional weight is gained affecting posture and the body's hormones are extremely active.
Stress and Tension
Digestive problems
Circulation problems
Immune System
Back Pain
Migraines and Headaches
Sleep Disorders
It enhances well being
Can help eliminate toxins
Below are some conditions treated and effects that reflexology is renowned for