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Acupuncture for a Trapped Nerve
Acupuncture for trapped nerves such as sciatica or pins and needles in the arm and fingers is available at Atlas Acupuncture Clinic in Tamworth Staffordshire
Tamworth acupuncture treatments are painless!
Cherry Richards for Tamworth acupuncture treatments
Acupuncture treatment for trapped nerve in the neck
Trapped nerves in the neck can give pins and needles into the arm and fingers, creating an altered sensation or even numbness in the fingers. Causes of trapped nerves are varied but can include prolapsed discs in your neck or lower back.

Acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of a trapped nerve and help you cope while the condition is healing.  Many people visit our acupuncturist with back pain and sciatica and our first intention is to try and give pain relief.

Trapped nerves are very painful and can radiate long distances away from where the nerve is impinged.  Acupuncture can affect nerve pathways and bring about an easing of symptoms and relief from pain.